Unable to set SSL Certificate

i am using wmbrokerclient.jar to connect to a web method broker versioning 6.5.
When i try to set a SSL certificate i am getting the below error:

Security Error (114-1442): Secure sockets are not supported with this version of the classes.
at COM.activesw.API.client.BrokerConnection.loadSSL([SIZE=2][COLOR=#000080][SIZE=2][COLOR=#000080]BrokerConnection.java:195
at COM.activesw.API.client.BrokerConnection.testSSLContext(
at COM.activesw.API.client.BrokerConnectionDescriptor.setSSLCertificate(

in some documents i read that SSL Shared library need to be used. If so, where can i get that and how can i use that?

please help out in fixing this.

koushil Nath.