Unable to send message to JMS provider - Invalid object type for Message field


We are trying to send bytes (Java byte[]) in a JMS Message, however, we have the following error message :

[ISP.0090.0003C] [ISS.0134.9009] Unable to send message to JMS provider “ConnectionJMSAdmin”: com.wm.app.b2b.server.jms.JMSSubsystemException: javax.jms.MessageFormatException: [BRM.10.1005] JMS: Invalid object type for Message field: “donneesObject”.

The message field donneesObject is set to have the Java Wrapper Type : byte []

And we set the value of donneesObject in Java with byte []

Our IS is in version with the following fix : IS_8.2_SP2_Core_Fix10

Thanks in advance for your help


You are using BIS pub.jms:send to send a message to JMS queue;

Did you map message field to any of the below fields and test;





Thank you for you reply.

Yes we are using the pub.jms:send, when mapping our bytes in JMSMessage/body/bytes, it works, we do not have the error message.

However, I am working on a project and they do not use the JMSMessage/body but the JMSMessage/properties.

The previous team created a document reference in which they put a couple of fields including an object/bytes one but when we are mapping our bytes in this field it does not work.

Thanks in advance