Unable to see logs to GCP from webMethods


I’m facing an issue in logging info to GCP from my Java service. I’m using an external class imported as a JAR. when the external class (WMLogger) method (logInfo) is called from inside WMLogger.main() it runs fine and logs to GCP.

However, when I call the same method (WMLogger.logInfo() )from the JavaService, there is no logging to GCP. No errors are observed and I even get a “Success” message returned from my logInfo()'s final return statement.

Any help here please? not sure how to fix this

Can you provide more details on how the logging mechanism is setup? I’m assuming GCP refers to Google Cloud Platform? How is GCP jar used inside Integration Server?
Also provide the contents of the WMLogger class, is this is a custom class that you have created?


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