Unable to run local server in Chrome browser

I am trying to run an application in my localhost but for some bizarre reason, after I run npm start from my terminal and then click the link http://localhost:9000/apps/[app-name]/ , the browser takes me to the application running on my Cumulocity tenant and not the actual localhost.

The URL that is rendered in the browser is that of the latest application hosted on the tenant. I tried copying the above link into the address bar, but the application seems to just load indefinitely. I only started to have this problem as of today.

However, when I posted the link into my Edge browser’s address bar, the application renders and runs just fine.

Sounds like a browser problem to me. If you use an incognito tab does it also work fine? If yes it seems to be something going wrong in your browser cache. You might need to clear it and try again.


You were correct; it was a problem with the cache. Thanks!