Unable to read special characters in properties file

HI All,

I have a properties file whose content is

user = 123
password = domain\123

When i run “readPropertiesFile” service and observe ouput -
“property” which is of object Type i am getting as follows

property = {password=domain123, user=123}

Why i am not able to see “/” in password attribute:uhoh:.

With the above , can i conclude that we can’t read special characters from a properties file.

(Note : After reading properties file, if i get the above output i know to concat “/” to domain and 123. But i don’t want this procedure to achieve)

Can anybody please help me if possible,

Sudheer :talker:

/ should not be a problem but \ is a special character, used for escaping other specials characters. Therefor you need to escape it itself. Try

\ instead of \

HI mwroblinski,

Tried using password = domain\123 and it worked…Thanks