Unable to open Centrasite BusinessUI page


I have downloaded free trial CentraSite Community Edition software and installed, then i am able to open the CentraSite Control page but not able to open BusinessUI page where i need to add target servers(mediator) and virtualise the services. when i open the BUsinessUI page which is asking to enable the licence but i did’t get any licence file as part of these trial software download.

Please suggest how to access the BusinessUI pages with Centrasite trial software to test the SOA applications.

Thanks for your help inAdvance.


Hi Shekher,

I think the BusinessUI only is enabled in the commercial version of CentraSite. Please contact Sales for a trial license.


Thanks Gerald for the information. I will check on that.


Hi I have installed centraSite community edition in D drive.

I am not able to open Centrasite control and business UI (getting blank page in browser). do i need to run any bat file before i start ? or any configuration needed ?

Can anyone please help.