Unable to make the document type publishable.

IS Version

Version6.1 UpdatesIS_6-1_SP2

  1. I made a document type with ‘publishable’ property set to false (by default).

  2. I am trying to make it publishable by changing its ‘publishable’ property from ‘false’ to ‘true’ in the developer. As soon as I try to save this, the publishable property is again reset to false.

Can somebody please advise…


It might not be a big thing. But don’t have the time to research it. Does somebody readily know, what could be the issue.


The IS must be configured correcdtly to connect to a running Broker before doc types can be marked as publishable.


Thanks Mark,

I was under the impression that I made sure that the IS was connected to a running broker. But I guess I was wrong.

Your tip was very helpful.

Thanks again !!