Unable to invoke a webService through DMZ RIP Server

Hello All,

We just setup DMZ server & Internal servers, connection b/w them is successful as per server logs.

We have a requirement where a webservice will be exposed to external partners through DMZ RIP Server.

Webservice is hosted on Internal Server, so ideally all requests from external source will reach DMZ server, from there internal server will pickup through Registration Port.

Requests are reaching till Internal IS, but concerned webService is not getting invoked, which is running on different port.

Example ::

External Request is getting invoked on DMZ server via 1234 port (external port) and from there Internal server invokes that request on 5678 registration port, but original webService is running on 5555 port.

May I know how request received by Registration port will invoke the webService running on 5555 port?

Does anything has to be done at network level like Port forwarding from 5678 – > 5555 port or anything has to be configured at webmethods server level?

Please help me here.

Thanks !!!