Unable to get the data from data base using JDBC adpater service.

Iam using wM 7.1.2 version.I have added one new column in existing db table.Iam able to get the data from SQL developer.When I was trying to get the data from adapter service ,only that particular field is coming as null.Iam using Dynamic SQL service for this.
I have resetted the adapter service cache also.

Please help me out.


Could you check your output variables are they in same sequence as in dynamic SQL query ?

try to reload the adapter service…


Hi Jayakar,

I faced the simialr issue. Please let me know how you resolved it.

I can fetch the record using the same query in the sql editor but not using dynamic select SQL. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Jyothi H.V

Hi :),

Use Attachment… It may help you creating DynamicSQL Service.
DDsql.doc (76.5 KB)