Unable to get response when using pub.jms:sendandWait.

I am unable to get a response when I use the pub.jms:sendandWait.

Following is what I have done.
I have a service which sends a JMS message to a Que and then waits for a response.
The Destination Name(Queue name), type, etc & Connection Alias Name has been set.

There is a trigger which is configured to lookup on this Queue and invokes a message Handler service.
The message handler successfully receives the JMS message, processes it and then builds a response message and I invoke the pub.jms: reply service passing the response message and following is what happens.

  1. The documentation mentions that when one is using Connection Alias with Webmethods Native API, it is important to set the reply QUEUE also. I set it, how ever did not get any response. I am able to see the response message when I go and Browse the QUEUE.

  2. when I did not set anything, it uses the temp queue and places the response in that, however the response is not coming back to the calling service.


  1. is my approach correct?
  2. How do I read the message from the temp queue, shouldnt it be coming back automatically to the main service?

Other info : I am using Sync call, IS version # 7.1.2.

please check the timeout parameter which you defined at the sendAndWait service. It should be more than zero in case of synchronous model