Unable to generate the trigger when the generation of the business process

Hi to all and in the forum,

I am a beginner on webMethods and its tools, the version that was made available to me is the 6.5. I’ll try to properly present my problem.

The current project is the creation of a reservation of entry of goods in SAP via the IDoc MATERIALRESERVATION_CREATE101 from an external system to SAP. I have developed services on Developer and I built the business process via Modeler.

When I run the generation of the Business process by Modler I did not log error. However the trigger does not create. Consulting errors on the console IS, I have the following error :

com.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceException: [ISS.0085.9081] folder node “SAP_MaterialReservation_Create.SAPServer” in path “SAP_MaterialReservation_Create.SAPServer:trigger” doesnt exist

The error is fairly self-explanatory, however, I can’t find where to enter the directory referred to by the error in the Step flow.

Do you have an idea to fix this error?
Thanks in advance for your help