Unable to find the WmBrokerAdmin

i am new to webmethods,
I have installed webmethods 6.0.1, but i am not able to find the WmBrokerAdmin, i am able to log in to the Integration server by

but when i give http://localhost:5555/WmBrokerAdmin/

it says the name has changed or the page is removed.

Thanks in advance
Shashi kant

Hello Shashi:

 If you are running on UNIX OS, you need to Complete the webMethods Broker Installation, See Appendix A of the webMethods Platform Installation Guide. 
 Thanks, Sue G.

Thanks Susan
well i have installed it on Windows platform, I installed it with the help of image file( in advance options), There most of the things i have installed and i am able to see the broker running in the services, the Broker Server 6.0 and the Broker Monitor, I am able to log on to the Integration server through the IE, but when i go to the Packages > Management section i am not able to see the WmBrokerAdmin, i think that is the main reason why i am not able to see it when i give http://localhost:5555/WmBrokerAdmin,

Now the question is from where to get this package and it comes in which part of the installation.

And whether what i am thinking is right or not??

Shashi Kant

When running the installer, you would have selected “Runtime Environments” to obtain both Broker and the IS Server. To get the Broker Administrator, you should also select the “Broker Administrator” component listed under “Administration” branch, which should appear at the same level the “Runtime Environment” in the component tree.

hi all
Thanks a lot for your responses and support, i was able to get the WmBrokerAdmin package from one of the installables, and then i loaded it into the hard disk and then stored that in the replicate/inbound folder.
After that i did the Install inbound releases from the Package management and now the package is installed and activated.

Shashi Kant