Unable to find apiutil60.jar, client60.jar and BrokerJMS60.j

Hi All,

I am trying to install webMethods Broker JMS. As per the installation guide of JMS adapter 6.1, it is mention that apiutil60.jar, client60.jar and BrokerJMS60.jar are present in common\lib and Broker\lib respectively. But I am not able to find them. I am using webMethods Fabric 7.1.

Please get back to me if anybody has any idea.

those files have been renamed and relocated in some cases. if you are going to use Broker 7.x, please check the new Broker Admin guide. in there you will find the update information.


mate for wm7.1 use 7.1 broker set up. The thing might not be backward compatible. All the files that you are talking about would be available when you have 61 image for in the installation which doesn’t seem to be the case.