Unable to create temporary file

I am new to use Quip and trying to make a demo of Knowledge Base using XML technology. My problem is why I got this error “Unable to create temporary file” on executing my query in my java applet. Please help.
By the way, the quip.exe is running properly on DOS prompt and GUI.

//code from Visual Age for Java 4.0
private String queryTitle(String sSearch) {

String sOut = null;
String sQuery = “\n”;
sQuery += “for $f in document(‘files.xml’)//file,\n”;
sQuery += “$t in document($f/text())//title\n”;
sQuery += “where contains($t/text(),’” + sSearch + “’)\n”;
sQuery += “return\n”;
sQuery += “\n”;
sQuery += “{$t}\n”;
sQuery += “{$f}\n”;
sQuery += “\n”;
sQuery += “sortby(title)\n”;
sQuery += “”;

StringBuffer strBuff = new StringBuffer();


Connection conex = DriverManager.getConnection(strBuff.toString(),(Properties)prop);
//error occurs here
QueryResult qres = conex.executeQuery(sQuery);
sOut = qres.getRawString();

}catch(XQueryException e){

return sOut;

Is the error is on the quip setting? Thank you in advance.
:frowning: :confused: