Unable to create multiqueue listener


I am unable to create a multiqueue listener. Whenever I am saving the listener I am getting following error.

[ART.115.3219] Adapter Runtime (Listener): Error creating listener
object: object name. Error: Extra words after …

Can anyone please suggest why this problem in occuring.


Hi Forum, i am also hitting a deadlock on the same…i am getting the same kind of error for a single queue listner:

Error encountered
[ART.115.3218] Adapter Runtime (Listener): Error creating listener object: :com.bac.listeners.Test:TestListener. Invalid node name.

Can you please help me out as well…!


Hi Karan,

Figured out the problem…!

eg: say you want to create a com.tam.listeners.WSSS:ListerName1 where the folder name in developer where the listener needs to be created is “com.tam.listeners.WSSS” and the listener name is “ListerName1”… in such a scenario in the Adapters > WebSphere MQ Adapter > Listener Types page in the

  1. Select the relevant package.

  2. In Folder Name give the folder where you want an listener to be created in this case only “com.tam.listeners.WSSS” - doing this will eliminate your problem of - “Extra words after …” as this error comes only when you put the full name of the listener such as "com.tam.listeners.WSSS:ListerName1 " instead of just the folder name.

  3. In the Listener Name just give the listener name that is in this case “ListerName1”. and click create.

This would do the honours…!

PS: hope you have installed the WmMQAdapter from the installation image and not a copy from another package…as if thats the case there is another resolution strategy.