Unable to create Flow from WSDL

Dear All,

My client has sent me a WSDL file, please find it attach. I am not able to create flow from this WSDL in WM6.5 SP3 and get following error, your can also try,
com.webMethods.caffeine.utils.FormattedException: com.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceException: com.wm.lang.wsdl.WSDException: com.wm.lang.xml.WMDocumentException: [ISC.0042.9327] Expecting got

But with same WSDL file I am able to create flow in WM7.1.

Your feedback is highly appreciated,

Warm Regards,
ProductServiceWSDL.XML (37.7 KB)

Took a quick glance at your WSDL, looks like you got some stuff in there that is not supported in 6.5. 7.1 is your best bet if you want to use the more advance feature sets of SOAP and WSDL definitions/support.