Unable to create Broker Transport

I am very new to Broker so I do not know what to do. Getting following error in log file,

2008-07-14 17:52:41 GMT+03:00 [ISS.0099.0003E] Unable to create Broker Transport Exception com.wm.app.b2b.server.dispatcher.exceptions.EndpointUnavailableException: [ISS.0098.9014] BrokerException: Comm Failure (102-2050): Unable to open connection to host ‘localhost’. Error ‘java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connect’ was reported by the socket call.

And Broker is not connecting. Any help please?

Is the broker up and running?

can you please elobarate a bit, what have you done so far and what are trying to do now?

I start to beleive that Broker Server is not included in our IS installation. Or it is not configured. Does it come by default with IS installation or seperate purchase is required? How I can find out whether Broker Server is installed or not?

But I can see the Messages->Broker under Settings in IS 7.1 Administration. I configured it from Messages->Broker but it is not connecting.



In most of the scenarios broker license will be included as part of your purchase, please check your licensing info or contact your sales rep.

When you installed IS, did you choose Broker as well? the installation will create a default broker.

Other things to check are the file system, see if you can find a directory /Broker on your IS install directory, also check your services to see if there is a broker monitor running.

Refer to the Broker Admin Guide for some helpful command line utilities to check the status, ping, configure etc etc.


You have to explictily install Broker Server during Installation and if not start Installer7x and check if your licensed to Broker components etc… in the tree…

May be you downloaded but Broker #6849 not configured??

If no Broker involved then use IS publish (local) as your pub/sub.


Consider, too, if you have a need for Broker. If it is not needed, then you don’t need to install it nor configure IS to communicate with it.

When I download IS 6.5 then I see Broker and JMS Broker component and not with IS 7.1.
Now I wonder, May be IS 7.1 does not have Broker as seperate component and requires special configuration.
I will check the documentation,

It seems we are not licensed for Broker. How I can use IS publish local as pub/sub. Sorry, I am very new. You can just direct me which documentation I should read for that.


Using pub.publish:publish service (set local=true) located in the WmPublic package services…

Also refer to the webMethods Integration Server Built-In Services Reference6.5 or 71 pdf and look in the Publish Folder.


“Using pub.publish:publish service (set local=true) located in the WmPublic package services…”

Generally, you will want to set this globally rather than on a call-by-call basis.

Yes true…I am just trying to reference it to him.

Local is working but what is the difference between Local setting to false or true?

Thanks you all for your support.