Unable to consume wsdl file given by IBM. Giving error

We are using webMethods 8.2. IBM gave us SOAP web services - wsdl files and some xsd’s along with the wsdl file.
When I’m trying to consume a wsdl file, i’m getting an error as shown below:

[ISS.0092.9001] Server Error: [ISC.0092.9118] Port ‘FactoryPort11’ is not unique within service ‘FactoryService-v12.1.0.0’

The sample wsdl is given below:

<soap:address location=“/webservice-ws/v12_1_0_0/auth-token/FactoryService”/>

<soap:address location=“/webservice-ws/v12_1_0_0/FactoryService”/>

I assumed 2 port names having same name and approached IBM but they are claiming it is correct and used by many customers.

I have tested this wsdl in soapUI and it has successfully imported and with some settings given by IBM we are getting response from web service.

They are using https protocol to invoke this web service.

Can someone please help me, why i’m unable to consume it in webMethods 8.2.