UM configuration with SOAP UI Hermes JMS

Can we setup Universal messaging ASync testing environment setup with SOAP UI Hemes JMS.

If not is any other way we can do automated testing of Asynchronous flows.

you can definitely setup Hermes with UM.

you need three UM jar files.


and you need 1.6 JDK or JRE. the latest version of hermes i found is 1.14 which runs only with 1.6

Let me know if you need more information.

However i want to know what is the purpose. Enterprise manager\viewer can be used to do samething.

It is definitely possible to test UM JMS with Hermes/SoapUI. However, it took me quite some time to figure out exactly what needs to be configured.

I published a blog post with a step-by-step guide on how to setup UM and Hermes here: How to test JMS processing in webMethods/Terracotta Universal Messaging and Integration Server with SoapUI and HermesJMS. Perhaps it can help you.

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Hi Stefan and Mangat,

Thanks a lot!! I able to configure connection.

Hi Stefan and Mangat,

Thanks a lot!! I able to configure connection.

Is it possible to integrate with webMethods version 8.2? which does not have univeral messaging


you can use Universal Messaging 9.0 or higher with webMethods 8.2, but only for JMS connections. You will need to copy the following files from the UM lib directory to common/lib of the webMethods installation:

  • nJMS.jar
  • nClient.jar
    But please note that the combination has not been formally tested or certified and is not officially supported.
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