UI plugin for schedule calender view

Hello Team,

There is a customer requirement as user wants to schedule date and time slot for day / weekly / monthly with recurring options similar to outlook calender view. Is there any out of the box UI plugin / component available?

Hi Vignesh,

what exactly should be scheduled?

A new UI Plugin has been released by @Dirk_Peter GitHub - SoftwareAG/cumulocity-reminder-plugin: A Cumulocity IoT UI plugin to provide, event based, reminder functionality. The plugin just has been released and is lacking documentation at the moment. Best to reach out to @Dirk_Peter.

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Christian Guether

Hi Christian,

Reminder plugin is used to create / clear /acknowledge the reminder.
My use case is completely different. Customer will schedule the operation with time slot to device. Ex., release the water from particular date with time slot. Also, customer can schedule multiple timeslots per device. Customer wants to view all the scheduling details per device. For example, In the outlook mail, we can view all the scheduled meetings per day / weekly / monthly.

Vignesh Babu