Ubuntu base image for CentraSite

products versions - CentraSite 10.11


This Topic helps you in creating the Ubuntu 20.04 base images for CentraSite 10.11


Knowlege on Docker topic

Steps to follow

The steps required to follow for creating Ubuntu base images for CentraSite 10.11 are available in the word document attached as assets.

The scripts required to create the docker images for CentraSite CAST and CRR are also attached as assets.

Next steps

The Ubuntu base images for CentraSite 10.11 can be pushed to the docker hub and can be used in any of the projects where OS is Ubuntu to spin up a docker container or a Kubernetes pod.

Useful links | Relevant resources

Creating_CentraSite_Docker_images.docx (90.5 KB)
create_dockerimage_CAST.txt (3.8 KB)
create_dockerimage_CRR.txt (4.5 KB)