Type mismatch in VB / Speed problem

I installed XML Starter Kit. I tested the RealEstate Visual Basic (VB) Demo. Now I try to write my first Tamino app.

1) Type mismatch in VB6

Error 13 occurs on the Tamino computer when DoQuery gives an Object to my Dok variable.
Dim Dok As DOMDocument
Set Dok = ta.DoQuery(XQL)
On my ‘Dev computer’ it works. VBScript works on the Tamino computer. Strange.
“Dok.loadxml ta.DoQuery(XQL).xml” works in VB6 on the Tamino PC.
What’s wrong?

2) Speed problem

On the Tamino computer everything is fast (<<1"). On my ‘Dev computer’ the csDatabaseURL property in my VB6 program take 10 seconds. :frowning: Everything else (e.g. DoQuery) works fast. BUT: Selecting the data using IE6 works fast. Strange again. Why does csDatabaseURL need so much time?

[VB6, Windows 2000, MSXML3/4]

I solved no 2.
(I changed Initialize and csDatabaseURL. Now I call csDatabaseURL before Initialize.)


Is it possible that problem 1 is a MSXML/MSXML3 mismatch? It might depend on whether MSXML3 was installed in side-by-side or replace mode. Using REGEDIT where does MSXML.DOMDocument point: msxml.dll or msxml3.dll?

It points to version 1.