Trying to get SAP BAPI_MATERIAL_GET_ALL working, but only goes

The objective is to get a list of all the materials/products that we sell, so that I can load them into a Salesforce Product table. This enables some functions in SFDC that I’d like to use. Ideally, I would do this routine nightly and load up all the products, put them in the pricebook, etc…

In the worse case, I can retrieve the data one by one and add them every time a quote comes in to build the product list over time, but it is not preferable.

I can get the BAPI to work, but it will only give me the materials I ask it for specifically:
If I use BAPI_MATERIAL_GET_ALL in IS to test, it only works if I put in the EXACT part number

I tried wildcard characters * and it doesn’t seem to work.
Anybody know a good way to get a list of materials out of SAP with Integration Server?

Can you try with a RFC call(RFC adapter service) that can pull the materials by the program given by SAP ABAP person?

To put new ABAP code in our SAP requires bigtime regulatory hurdles, so I am trying to do it with what is in there natively. I was able to get the BAPI_MATERIAL_GETLIST to work and give me a list of materials, but it’s too big. I am looking to synch sellable goods into CRM. Instead, that BAPI gives me every capacitor and lower level item.

I’m sure synchronizing products between SAP and has been done before. I just need to find out what the secret is.