Trying to create IS Schema using xsd, it gives warnings

Trying to create IS Schema using xsd, it gives warning messages like

warningMessage: [ISC.0082.9701] Duplicate declaration found in schema ADCanonicals_V1.DocumentTemplates:schema_ADSegments with the same target namespace

I am importing the segments from different schema and I am referencing the field definitions created in another schema.

But the targetnamespace is different for the schema which have segments defined and the schema which i am creating.

Can anybody have some idea where i am doing wrong.


I find it easiest to create Integration Server schemas from XSD’s first and then to create any doc types from elements defined in the XSD’s. This allows you to create the IS schemas in a folder of your choosing and to name them using names meaningful to you. When IS schemas are created as a byproduct of creating IS doc types from XSD’s you lose control over both the location and naming.

You will get the duplicate definition warnings when an IS schema has been created that contains an identical namespace and element or type name. This is normal (although annoying) behavior.


Hi mcarlson,
i have this requirement where i have to create several schemas from DTD with the same name space, coz my communication with a remote server is xml based and i have to make an xml request and receive xml response, and i have to decode the xml response so that i can paas the response to nxt step.
So i got the dtd converted to xsd and tried to create IS schema so that i cna create Document types for xml request/response, but it give these annoying msgs , of all the above it doesn’t create schemas ( i thought it’s jus warning).
Did you find any solution lately.


Hi mcarlson,

How do we remove duplication definition for any IS Schema?

hello guys

I am facing the same problem and I don’t know how solve it. does anybody has any idea about this duplication meaning because I can’t understand it

Thanks in advance