Troubleshooting Issues with JSON and CSV File Simulators for Event Transmission

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Detailed explanation of the problem:

Previously, real-time data was sourced from a machine as an event. However, for specific requirements, there is a need to simulate the data.

We possess the JSON format for the event, which we have attempted to utilize but encountered functionality issues.
Data Example:

in the process of reconfiguring the JSON file simulator to send events.
**Step one upload JSON file and configure the Simulator: **

Check the management:

find nothing there

In an attempt to address this issue, we endeavored to convert the JSON file to CSV format. Regrettably, we were only able to transmit a singular parameter instead of the complete set of parameters. This outcome is not in line with our requirements as we necessitate the transmission of all parameters in their entirety.
part of the CSV file :

simulator config with CSV file :

The received event using the CSV File:

however, we have encountered an issue where the event’s parameters are not being successfully transmitted. After reviewing the device management settings, we have not received all the Required parameters.

As we can only send a single parameter, I have modified the CSV format in an attempt to encapsulate all parameters under a single entity named “EVENT”

But Same Issue only We have te sub Parameters to select!

We continued our efforts by attempting to send the measurement data, even in the incorrect format, but unfortunately, it is still not functioning .

Error messages / full error message screenshot / log file:

check the screenshots above

Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?

production (customer)


It seems to be a limitation in the application builder for simulating events that you can just simulate the default fragments like “type” and “text” but no custom fragments.

You might look into other tooling like go-c8y-cli which seems to support simulating: