Trouble Subscribing to Broker Document


To subscribe to a broker document, we have created a document type on our IS based on the broker document. We then define a trigger that fires a service when the document is seen on our IS.

The trigger does indeed launch the service, but upon trying to do ANYTHING with the data in the document, we receive this error message:

“Copy failed: No source data available: to=/message, from=/BadLoadSSRFileDT/Emplid”

We have verified with both SavePipelineToFile and TracePipeline that the data does reside in the document type. Our goal is to send the data in the document via the SMTP service. When that failed, we resorted to the simple service debugLog to try and output a single field from the Document Type. Anything we try results in the above message.

Any clue on what we’ve missed?




The input signature for the service invoked by the trigger needs to contain a document reference to the publishable document type and the name for this document reference MUST be the fully qualified name of the publishable document type.

Are you following this rule?


Thank you so much Janusz! The name of our document reference in the input signature was NOT the fully qualified name of the document type. Upon deleting the reference and recreating using the rule you mention, everything works as expected!

Thanks again,