trouble in getting broker up

Hi Guys,

Please help as im not able to bring up broker after installing the latest 8.2 on unix server.
I am trying the script ./S45broker82 start .

The error im getting in the IS logs is :-

2012-07-10 12:57:08 HKT [ISS.0098.0062E] BrokerPoller encountered Exception: [ISS.0098.9014] BrokerException: Unknown Broker Name (223-1460): No Broker by the name ‘SCBWMBroker’ was found on host ‘localhost:6849’

Please help asap.

Hope you have installed the MWS on same host.

Go to MWS -> Messaging -> Broker Servers -> Servers. Here add the Broker Server first. Eq: localhost:6849. After adding the Broker server successfully, create the Broker inside this Broker server
Eg: ‘SCBWMBroker’.

Now if you start the Broker, it should start successfully. Please let me know, if you still have challenges.


Suresh Rao

Hi Prateek,

Check whether your broker name is alike.
To identify the correct broker name, you can use the following steps to verify:
Try to check from the IS Admin and MWS whether the broker name resembles same.

You can also verify the broker name by executing the broker_status command.
It should list out the brokers that are installed and their names.

If not same, use the similar name for configuration
To create a Broker
In My webMethods Server: Messaging > Broker Servers.
In the Broker Servers List, click the Broker Server on which you want to create the Broker.
Select the Brokers tab and click Add Broker > Save Changes
Restart the broker server and restart the IS.
These steps should help in you to bring broker up.

The broker names are case-sensitive,
please make sure that you have the exact name as the output from the broker_status command.
Eg: Broker name: “SCBWMBroker” should resemble same.

Hope this will be helpful to you in creating the broker and Bringing broker up.

Deepa Mourougayane