Triggers very slow to pick up Documents


Am project manager for a Siebel to Arbor integration project using wM - and we’re in the final crucial days of testing before launch. We’re using 6.1.

Right now - I have three instances on a fairly under-speced machine (think we’re running 256mb per instance), and whilst 2 of the three perform perfectly, my crucial test environment current being operated by the client team is very slow. Dev team tell me that documents are published, but for some reason the Triggers are taking an age to pick them up. There is no real volume going through the system, and there are no obvious alarm bells displayed through the Administrator. Configuration is identical (i am told) across all three instances.

Do any of you guys have any obvious places to look for Triggers that take 20 mins to pick up documents? My team are looking into this in detail now - but with deadline fast approaching, I need to try everything in my power to speed this up!

Any help appreciated… (will do wonders for my blood pressure!)

There are several ways you can fine tune for performance. You can control various throttles for Readers, execution threads for triggers and connection pool between Integration server & broker and so on. Let us know how you resolved your issue.