Triggers KO

Hi there !

i’m facing a trigger problem that appeared without any identified reason :

  • if i try to rename or modify an existing trigger, or create a new one, my developper is getting jammed, nothing i can do but kill it ; when i restart the developper i can see the modification has been applied. In the case of renaming, the old version of the trigger still exist.
  • moreover the trigger doesn’t work anymore ; documents published are getting stuck in its queue (seeable under wmBrokerAdmin) ;
  • when i restart the IS and broker server, the trigger is launched by one of the documents in the queue ; the process goes on and when it is finished, the other documents stay stuck in the queue.
  • and no data is generated in the Broker Server Error Log, neither in the IS server Error Log
  • it may be linked to this :

has any of you ever experienced the same problem ? any idea of the solution ?

no need to answer anymore : the behaviour i described was due to the following things :

  • trigger setting ‘process document serially’ was checked
  • the service called contained a ‘wait’ with no time limit

only the IS restart could stop the wait from waiting
and since i made a few publication try to make the trigger work, each time i restarted a new document was taken in charge by the trigger …