Triggers Expiry

i m using webMethods6.1 IS. In that triggers are getting expired avoid this what should i do?

One way is to delete the triggers. Then the expiring issue is effectively avoided.

I’m kidding–but your post is lacking in information. Can you provide a bit more information about the nature of the triggers? Do they expire overnight? By “expire” do you mean suspended or disabled? (There is no “expired” state for a trigger, that I’m aware of.)


yes the triggers are not working… They are expiring means the trigger is not taking the document from broker… they are expiring overnight… in development environment.


That’s really not much more information to go on.

A trigger may automatically suspend depending on its configuration. The Suspend on Error setting will indicate that. What may be happening is that the trigger service fails during the night (perhaps a DB is taken off-line?) and so the trigger is suspended–like it was configured to do.

Of course this is speculation, since there is still zero information about your triggers other than they get suspended every day.