Triggers are NOT working properly


In my project, I have a requirement to use Basic Notifications and Triggers. I have configured these Notifications and Triggers properly. However, these are working inconsistently.Sometimes, it makes me to run the service manually. Sometimes, I need to restart the server/ Disable and then Enable the trigger to make them working. The version I am currently using is 9.5. The JDBC adapter version is JDBC 6.5.

Could anyone please suggest a solution for this.

Can you share the error if any. Make sure you are have no issues connecting to broker / UM. You can provide more details.

And also check if you are on the jdbc adapter latest fix level. Currently it is JDBC_6.5_Fix51 - JDBC_6.5_Fix51

Srinivas – Cross check whether you have configured all the required resources in a right way. If it’s a new implementation then delete and create a new one so that you will understand where you have done mistake.


Hi All,

Thanks for the reply.

I have configured all the resources correctly. Currently, we are not using Broker. We are publishing the documents to Local server. I am using IS 9.5 . Below are the scenarios where I am facing issue:

  1. Adapter Notifications (Basic Notification): I have a Basic notification which polls a buffer table and will pic data and will publish to local webMethods server. There is a trigger created to subscribe to this published document. However, this trigger is not working. I didn’t used any Filter conditions.
    When I restarted the server/ Disable and Enable the trigger, sometimes it randomly works.!!

  2. Triggers: The general triggers which are used in Pub-Sub architecture, when the publish service publishes the document, the trigger which subscribes to this document is not working.
    When I restarted the server/ Disable and Enable the trigger, sometimes it randomly works.!!

Could you please suggest a solution which makes these triggers works smoothly.

Srinivas Madhira

It looks like you need to raise a ticket with SAG on these issues as I can say it’s not normal way since it randomly works or issues could be related to your configuration etc…

Please let us know what SAG says about this.


Hi Srinivas,

can you share some screenshots showing the package structure where the notifications and doc types are located as well how the triggers are configured exactly?
Additionally the Input signature of the invoked services will also be helpful.

Remember that the input document of the triggered service needs to have the exact and complete Namespace name of the document being subscribed by the trigger, otherwise the document will not be recognized.
Please note that the Package name is not part of the namespace name.


Srinivas, Probably screen shots help us to understand your issue clearly. Please share these as Holger specified to assist you further.


I believe since he said it works intermittantely so issue may not be with the input signature or subscription trigger any ways screen shots will always help to pin-point certain issues.