The Trigger which need to invoke a service after receiving a document is not getting fired sometimes. I was either refreshing it or renaming for making it to work. Can you suggest a better way of solving this issue.


After creating trigger if u r changing the service on which trigger is invoking then the trigger will not fire some times, if u refresh the trigger then it will invoke the document. If u r not changing the service then the trigger will work fine.

Check the trigger with the correct document name and service which it should invoke. And are you sure that the document is published successfully.did u see that in the document tracker? And finally if everything is fine , then check the queue for the trigger in the manager tool if the documents are piling up.


Hi verma,
I am just curious about your statement “then check the queue for the trigger in the manager tool if the documents are piling up”. What is the manager youa re talkign about, how to use manager, to check the queue size, as far as i know, u can see the client size ie.e. the trigger size int he broker admin page. Please let me know of this option too.



The manager tool I am talking about is the tool which comes with webMethods 4.X version. This is similar to WmBrokerAdmin where you see the size. I was just referring that incase you dont have WmBrokerAdmin package installed in your IS. In the Manager tool we can see the clients, client groups and the client size. Clear the size or restart the client in the debug mode inorder to check its running condition etc. Try it .But its no special tool , its similar to the WmBrokerAdmin. Hope it is clear.