Trigger taking 4-5 seconds to send the publish document to subscribing service


While using pub and Wait Trigger is taking 4-5 seconds to subscribe a published document. I had made the documents Volatole but still its taking thaat much time only.
Can somebody help me to how to make it fast, I believe it shouldn’t take that much time.

Thanks & Regards
Sandeep Jain

By default, IS should have only one dispatcher, which is responsible to publish the documents to Broker. With my knowledge, this dispatcher will dispatch the document in FIFO order. If you have more publishable documents, obvisouly your document will be in the queue and it will be dispatched to borker when it turn comes. Chaning the number of dispacther to 2 or 3 (Instead on 1, by default), may help to push the documents to quicker…(Some thought…)

This can happen if you have publisher and subscriber on the same IS. As mentioned above it could again be because your IS is really busy. Try to increase the thread count if thats the case.

does the size of the file matter in this case ???