Trigger services on IS 601 losing subscriptions

Hi. Has anyone experienced trigger client services on IS (6+) losing subscriptions to documents ? We have seen this occasionally…the trigger service will lose the subscription to the doc. Our fix was to reload the package using pkg manager…but this seems like overkill. Is there an easier way to re-establish the doc subscription on the trigger?
I looked around in the web admin but didn’t see anything.



Upgrade to WebMethods 6.1,it seems that they have put some logic of reconnect to the Broker after a network or host disruption.

I am having problems publishing a document locally.
Document doesnt get published and i get 2 server error log entries (pasted below).

Can anyone help me with that?

[ISS.0098.0082E] Unable to persist Document: melCanDocFolder.ServMelittaDomainScoring:CanDocMelittaDomainScoring to Document Store: ServMelittaDomainScoringFolder:TriggerScoring. Exception: [BAT.0002.0000] Wrapped Exception: java.lang.IllegalAccessError: try to access class$Cursor from class

[ISS.0098.0024C] No Trigger available for incoming Document melCanDocFolder.ServMelittaDomainScoring:CanDocMelittaDomainScoring. Rejecting Document