Trigger Problem


The process is enabled and indicates the same in MWS. When i try to run the service, the following exception is logged in the IS server.

2012-03-27 08:48:49 EDT [ISS.0098.0049C] [PRT.0101.9613] There are no enabled Processes matching this trigger: Service123:subscriptionTrigger while executing trigger. Rejecting Document for TriggerStore:Service123:subscriptionTrigger.

Can any one help me to identify the root cause.

run scanPackage service once…

PRT issue probably

Check whether the process model is in enabled state in IS.

if yes try reloading the PRT package.

Hi Ravi,

It’s been around 3 years, yet if you remember the resolution, would you please post it? Facing similar issue here.

Prt reloading must resolve the issue ,check trigger condition also once