Trigger not populating Document

I just got through with the Developer training and decided to run through exersice at work. Installed Broker 6.5.2 , IS, and Developer6.5. I created a doc, “myDoc” with one field, create one flow service, “myFlowService” which outputs the field to log file, and a trigger, “myTrigger” that listen for the myDoc and calls the myFlowService.

I publish the myDoc to broker, myTrigger get called which in turn calls myFlowService, however, the content of the myDoc is empty and this is the message I get following message: Copy failed: No source data available: to=/message, from=

I tested individual component, and seem like trigger is the culprit. I run trigger by itself and fill in the field and handler get called but document is empty.

Any help will be greatly appricated.

Hi Naresh,

First, make sure your document (myDoc) is publishable. The Publishable property for myDoc should be set to true.

Also, did you make sure your handling service (myFlowService) is using the fully qualified Namespace name for myDoc in your input? For example, let’s say your document “myDoc” is in the package/folder:


In your handler service (myFlowService), select the Input/Output tab (Input) and click the New variable button. Add a Document Reference… and select your document myDocs in myPackage.myFolder.myDocs. Press the key to accept the name Untitled (Don’t name it yet). In the Properties window, highlight the value of the Document reference field. Use to copy this value. In the input pane, right click the myDoc document and choose Rename. Use to paste in the fully qualified name myPackage.myFolder.myDocs:myDoc
Press .

So if the name of your referenced document on the input tab is:


instead of:


…then make the change and try again.
If this is not clear, go back to your Developer training guides (instructions and exercises).

Hopfully this helps.



Sorry, I need to correct something on my previous post.

Since the package name is NOT part of the namespace, your fully qualified namespace name to myDoc (using the above example) would be:






I have followed instruction as you have stated, but still no luck. It seems that Doucments are not being passed correctly. I am not event publishing, just running the trigger, handler get called but content is empty.

Try calling WmPublic/pub.flow:tracePipeline in your service. This will write the the contents of the pipeline (your document) to the server log. It might show you where the input to your service does not match the document.