Trigger Not Modified

Hi All,

I’am working on webMethods6.1 and my OS is Solarsis, As my dirve in the solarsis was full and the server shows outofMemory and my developer got hanged-up, so I shutdown the IS and have moved all the webMethods Logs into some other drive to free the space and restarted the IS. From then iam can create a trigger but can’t name that trigger or modify the trigger or delete the trigger, I have shutdown and also restart the server but there i get the same error. what might be the problem.

error is The following elements were not deleted: osp/Osp.triggers:generateResp

Thanks in advance

Hi All,

I rectified my problem. My despatch.cnf got corrupted so i have deleted it and restarted the IS and it’s working.
When we restart the server again new despatch.cnf will be created.