Trigger not kicking off the service


Im trying to publish a document We have no broker installed, so according to the documentation, all publishes become local. The local flag had been left unset for the pub.publish:publish service, and I tried setting it explicitly to true, but still no luck. The trigger is not kicking off the service, it doesnt give any error on the IS. I have also checked all the name which is suppose to be full qualified, the model in the modeler also seems to be fine. Any ideas why its not triggering??


Are you seeing any error in the logs? For debugging purpose to see
what the trigger is actually passing to your service is to disable all steps in your flow service and add a single pub.flow:tracePipeline statement as the first line. This will output the contents of the pipeline to your server’s log file or to the console (depending on how you started IS). You can also use pub.flow:savePipelineToFile and restore it or open it in any editor to see what u are getting.

Can you just rename the Trigger and try it once again.

Check to make sure that in the input of the service to be triggered the document is named the fully qualified publishable document name.

This has snagged me before

We are having trigger issues with other interfaces also, so we hve raised a ticket to webMethods, hopefully the problem will be resolved … thanks for your input guyz.


You can test a trigger in Developer by opening the publishable document type and using the test->run menu option. This will allow you to fill in the document type fields. When you click next, Developer will prompt for where you want the document to be published. When you choose local publish your trigger should receive the document and invoke the service you specified.

If your document type is too complex to fill in manually, you can create a simple test driver that uses map steps to populate it before using pub.publish:publish to publish it.

Finally, disable all the steps your triggered service and add a statement that invokes pub.flow:tracePipeline service. That does two things: 1) you can tell for sure that your service is actually being invoked by the trigger and 2) you can see the exact name of the document that is being passed to your service.

If your service is not triggered, you may have your trigger subscribed to the correct document or you may have some type of filter that is causing it to be ignored.

If your service is triggered, look at the tracePipeline output to see if the data it is actually receiving is named the same as you expect. Just because you have an input document named something does not mean that your trigger has to pass that name. The trigger will pass the published document using its fully qualified name. If the two don’t match your service won’t work. Of course, you can always rename the fully qualified doc type something short and simple to make it easier to work with in the remainder of your service.



Well guyz the trigger problem was resolved there was nothing wrong from my end, thanks Mark for a good piece of information. Thats really helpful …