Trigger max attempt property

Hi All,
Can anyone please let me know how to access trigger max attempts property from the flow service. Is there a java API or built-in service to do this.
E.g. if max attempts is set to 5(trigger properties)
I need to access this value in flow service.
Thank you,

I do not think this is possible using the public API. What are you trying to achieve anyway?

pub.flow:getRetryCount returns retryCount and maxRetryCount

Thank you Sekay and Markg,
I see this property can be accessed in 6.5 but we are on 6.1

I will suspend the trigger if the error on subscription is persistent.
To do this I need to access this value dynamically or need to hardcode it.


I am not sure if you can pull that information in 6.1 since retry functionality came in SP2 of 6.1 IS, someone correct me if I am wrong.

But to achieve your goal i would say that use property file to pull the max retry value and substitute that variable in “Max Attempts” in Properties window.