Trigger Issue


I am Trigger i am appending three document using Join Type as All and then invoking one Service.When i used 3 document type to Join,Service is not invoking but when i used to append any 2 Document Service is Invoking.Is in trigger we cannot append more then 2 document ?.Please guide me on this part.if so any things we have to do more.


Try giving same activation id for all three published documents.
Any errors in server/error logs?


Thanks for reply.

I tried in same way,by given same activation ID in all 3 document.when we use 3 document service is not invoking.but when we use only 2 document service is invoking.


can any body help me on this issue.

Are you sure that all 3 documents are having same activation ID?

If the documents are published by different services, the activation ID will be different by default. You need to overwrite the activation ID by modyfying “_env/activation” field.

If all three documents are having same activation ID, the trigger should work as you expected.

Are you getting any error in the server log when the trigger is not working for 3 documents?

This seems to be issue in 7.1.1, it works perfect in 6.5 though…