Trigger Issue.!

Hi forum,

I am having a very explicit problem, i have an error Service A that publishes an error document to service B that handles the error. I have written a trigger that handles this just fine.

In a pacakge when i do a publish using the Service XXX (handles flat files to EDI)by calling Service A the document is getting publised and all works well and service B handles the document published by Service A.

But in the same package i have another Service YYY (handles XML files to EDI), this services uses Service A and published the document successfully but the Service B never gets invoked to handle this published document.

In the former case i did a save/restorepipelinefromfile and i was able to see the data in Service B that was sent by service XXX, but in the latter case ther saved file name in the restorepipelinefromfile service said does not exist.

Has any one come across anything on these lines…??




Is your environment clustered ? If yes, you might have to place save / restorepipeline in both the clustered nodes…Chances are that the second service YYY might be hitting the Service B in the other node…

If your enivironment is not clustered , try invoking Service YYY first followed by Service XXX and let us know, if you still see the same problem…

Hope this helps…


hi krishna,

we dont have any clustered environment…! its just a plain old IS 6.5 running developer and all other services.

and i am invoking XXX and YYY as separate instances, never simultaneously.


Can you post the parameters being used in the two publish calls and the config of the subscriber trigger?

Is your publishable document type matches with the triggers subscribing service B input (with full formed documentName format ie folder.subfolder:documentName)??


thanks reamon and rmg.!

i went thro some docs related to tiggers and was able to get that problem solved… thanks for the support guys…!