Trigger is not working


I am facing this problem for last one week.

I am using publishAndWait method to publish the (SYNC)document to the broker.The corresponding trigger does not invokes the service,i didnot receive any error message in server logs.I checked in MWS the document is available,the client also created for the trigger.
I also cleared the queue in trigger which is in MWS client.
It will work when i restart the server,After some time i am facing the same problem.


Can you check your publishable document --> “Broker doc type” Properties --> check namespace added with any “-1”. if yes, delete the document from broker and sync it again.

Try to recreate the trigger… sometime trigger will be correpted…

If it would document type proble … it will not publish at all…


perhaps something on the disk?
Is your documentstore fine? If you can, try emptying it and restarting the IS.

hth Loic