Trigger and the adapter service

The IS documentation says that the trigger can be configured on IS to retry a number of times to submit the document to the service. “The Integration Server makes another attempt to submit the document to the service only if the service is an adapter service and the service fails because of a transient error condition”.

If I understand it correctly this requires that I need to configure the trigger to invoke an adapter service, not a flow service. However the service invoked by a trigger needs to have the reference to the triggering document in its input specification and the adapter service input is not editable but is determined by the adapter service template. So, is this doable?

I am really interested in using the IS functionality of retry in case of transient adapter errors but I don’t have an idea how to make it work. Any help is appreciated.

You may have already found a solution but here goes:
In the trigger settings tab you can check the “Deliver until successful” box. That should do it I suppose…

Hi, in fact I still don’t have a solution and the problem rather is how to invoke adapter (not flow) service from the trigger? I don’t know how to meet the requirement on the input of the service called by the trigger while the adapter service has predeifined input.

Any ideas?