TResponse Object nearly empty??


If I make an interaktive query with the Tamino XQuery-Tool I get the following result:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<xq:attribute doc_id=“d883”/>

The query is:
return $did

but if I make the same query with a TXMLObjectAccessor the TResponse Object has only the following data (empty element)
but I need the doc_id…

any suggestions??


Hello Markus,

which object model are you using with the TXMLObjectAccessor - is it the TDOMObjectModel?
Could you please post your code?


Hello Trevor,

yes, I’m using the TDOMObjectModel…

here is the code:

String xqueryString = “let $did:=input()/directory/host[@name=‘ahost2’]/host[@name=‘bhost2’]/host[@name=‘chost5’]/path[@name=‘apath2’]/path[@name=‘bpath2’]/path[@name=‘cpath3’]/path[@name=‘d883.xml’]/doc_info/@doc_id return $did”;

TXMLObjectAccessor xmlObjectAccessor = connection.newXMLObjectAccessor(
TAccessLocation.newInstance( “ino:etc” ),
TDOMObjectModel.getInstance() );

TXQuery xquery = TXQuery.newInstance( xqueryString );
System.out.println("T-XQuery: " + xquery.toString());

try {
TResponse response = xmlObjectAccessor.xquery( xquery);

TXMLObjectIterator iterator = response.getXMLObjectIterator();
System.out.print( “The query "” + xqueryString + "" returns " );
if (!iterator.hasNext()) {
System.out.println( “no data!” );
} else {
while (iterator.hasNext()) {
TXMLObject xmlObject =;
System.out.print( " count: " +iterator.getCount() );
String xqueryResult = xmlObjectAccessor.xquery( xquery ).getQueryContentAsString() ;
System.out.println("T-XQuery Result: " + xqueryResult);
return xqueryResult;
} catch (TXQueryException tqe) {
System.out.println( "T-XQuery FEHLER: " + tqe.toString() );
catch (TException te) {
System.out.println( "T-XQuery FEHLER: " + te.toString() );

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hi Markus,

it looks like the “getQueryContentAsString()” method is not doing what you and I would expect here. You should open a request with your local Customer Support Center about this.

In the meantime, you could use the “writeTo” method of the TXMLObject class to output the desired result:

   if (!iterator.hasNext()) {
      System.out.println( "no data!" );
   } else {
      while (iterator.hasNext()) {
         TXMLObject xmlObject =;

         // TFO added these two lines ////////////
         System.out.println("\n\nresult: ");    //
         xmlObject.writeTo(System.out);         //

         System.out.print( "\n\n count: " + iterator.getCount() );


Hi Trevor,

thank you for your answer :wink:

I tried your workaround with the ‘writeTo’-method…
…and now it works :wink:

but: what for is the .getQueryContenAsString() method ??? I’ll request my support… :wink: