TRC parameter in NATURAL program ?

Hello! My question: Is it possible to control the TRC parameter for the printer (in batch-mode i set it in JCL) in the writing NATURAL program?

Honestly, I have never used TRC. Since you know how to do it in batch, maybe you can use NATRJE to submit your job. It looks like it is just a parameter of the OUTPUT jcl statement for JES2/JES3.

You can use the NATURAL-Interface ESFATTRB to change individual printer attributes, for example:

CALL ‘ESFATTRB’ ‘01TRC=YES’ /* default TRC=NO is changed for report(01)
CALL ‘ESFATTRB’ ‘04COP=2’ /* two copies ar printed of report(04)

Detailed information in the CA-Spool System-Guide.

Seems like a handy interface.
I searched the SAG-L archives for ESFATTRB and got no results. I’ll look for the CA-Spool System-Guide. Thanks.