Transient error handling for a model flow


I have a requirement to handle the transient errors while sending the data to destination.

In case of non-model flow I was doing it by catching the transient errors and throwing it as an IS exception using pub.flow:throwExceptionForRetry service and was setting the trigger properties for retry.

Could any one of you please let me know how to achieve this in case of a model flow.


the same, you throw RuntimeException (pub.flow:throwExceptionForRetry )
but you have to set Step retry count and Step retry interval at process step implementation properties tab

Thank you for the reply.

We are using WM 6.5 and I am not finding Step retry count and Step retry interval properties in the step properties panel in the modeler.

Could you please let me know where exactly I can find these properties? Or is it available in higher versions of WM.

I don’t konow 6.5. I use 7.1 version and under this version Modeler is called Designer.
In 7.1 this settings are accesible in: process step(service) properties tab → implementation

Make sure You are working under ProcessDevelopment perspective.

Mudassir, these options are available in Modeler as well. you can right click on a step in model, you will find these options.