Transformer Issue

Hello All,

Getting the below error in 8.2 server.

java.lang.RuntimeException: [ISC.0049.9027] Error at pub.math:divideFloats - Transformers cannot loop over list elements
at com.wm.lang.flow.FlowMapInvoke.invokeService(

Could you please help?


This error is exactly was the error message says it is, transformers can’t loop over list of elements… This occurs when you have a document that can have more than one of the same element (it will show as a document list icon) and you try to map directly from an element within that list to a transformer. This is not possible because the transformers does not know which item in this list you are trying to map from (it can be any list index from [0…n]).

What you can do is not to use a transformer in this case (use the transformer service as a normal service-call instead). If you do it this way I think the mapping from the document to the service call will automatically assume that you are referring to item element [0]. Or you can specify which index you meant by clicking on the mapping-line and setting ‘indices’ properties.

If you are expecting more than one item in this list the obvious option would of course be to use a ‘loop’-step to loop over this list and then use the transformers inside this loop on each element item in the list.