Transformation Sequence error

When I do a transformation in Mediator it adds the xmlns:fo= at the end of the root element as in the example below.

Is there any way that I can use to remove this namespace? Because after the transformation I am storing the result to the Tamino database and when I do that I get an error from the Tamino.

I am a new user of EntireX Mediator. I went through your training book on Mediator. The workshop in the training book only has simple application which is not sufficiant enough for real life requirements. So can you please give me a sample application that i can refer to?
Your help will be greatly appreciated.


Hi Periya,

You need to specify the “exclude-result-prefixes” attribute on the xsl:stylesheet element. A good description of this can be found in Michael Kay’s book on XSL.

Best regards,