Trading Networks getting down

Hi All,

In our application , TN is getting down after every 2-3 days while the Integration server is still up.
TN is connecting to a database using SequeLink.
SequeLink processes are also up when TN gets down.

Can anyone tell me the reason or the possible causes for the same.


What is your IS/TN version?? 4.x??

Are you seeing any errors in the logs during when TN goes down??Can you increase the IS logging level and check.


it is 4.6 version.
Actually we don’t even know the exact timing of TN getting down.
Our application generate a particular mail after an unsuccessful transaction.
I checked the time when service was last invoked and the instance this service is always running when TN gets down.
i am not able to see any error when TN fails.



Did you tried increasing IS logging level and check if there are any errors during the transactional downtime??Please let us know.

Also when TN server goes down is it reconnecting automatically or you have to manually bring it up??

Open an SR with wM Tech support and escalate with them for this kind of issues.


What does the e-mail say? Can you update the e-mail notification to include information that will help your debugging?

we have to bring the TN up manuallly by restarting the Integration server and the SequeLink (external database) services.
I could not find any particular errors.
I think that webmethods have stopped supporting 4.6 version.

Hi reamon,
Email is just populates that acknowlegdement is not recieved by the sender.

Can this be a problem of scalability, i mean if TN is not able to handle the load than in that why is the Integration sever still up.


Sorry i dont have enough clue at this point to tell…

TN4.x can handle loads,but its with external DB to handle the load.But in the new versions they have done improvements in the TN Scalability point of view.