Trading Networks cannot convert byte[] to when installing cert.

Attempting to update partner profile with new security cert in wM TN (8.2) and receiving “Cannot convert byte[][] to X509Certificate[], exception encountered at index 1. CertificateException encountered; Trading Networks cannot convert byte[] to”

Examination of the certificate and CA certs in the chain does not reveal anything unusual. All three certs are SHA-256, RSA 2048 bits.

Any clarification of the error message or assistance is appreciated.


KB Article #1741987:, check if this helps.


Import the certificate via Trading Network (TN) Console for the affected partner profiles.
TN Console > Trading Partners (Deprecated) > "the partner profile you want to add your certificate to" > "Security" Tab > Edit to import the certificate.

Resolution: TN_8.2_SP2_MWS_Fix11 officially addresses the issue:

In webMethods Trading Networks, an error is thrown when you upload P7B type of security certificates for partner profiles.

  1. Log in to My webMethods.
  2. Go to Administration > Integration > Partner Administration > Partner Profiles > Any Partner > Certificate > Sign/Verify > Add Certificate.
  3. Upload a P7B security certificate. An exception is thrown.

The issue is resolved now.

[Note] This fix depends on the following fixes.

MWS_8.2_SP1_Fix7 or the latest fix that supersedes it.
TNS_8.2_SP2_Fix10 or the latest fix that supersedes it.
EDI_8.0_SP1_Fix13 (If EDI is installed) or the latest
fix that supersedes it.

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Hi Mahesh,

I was loading each cert individually. When I loaded the .p7b file, it worked.

Thanks for the tip!


Awesome! Thanks for letting us know and can you mark the thread as Answered “Accepted answer”.